On September 14 at 0830 the local high schools (Glynn Academy and Brunswick High) will be taking on challengers from Florida to Tennessee in this regatta of high school sailing teams. The Club supports the high school teams financially and by helping to run regattas. You can support them too by coming out and cheering them on. The regatta is held at Brunswick Landing Marina and we set up the course so it is great for spectators. If you would like to volunteer, contact Pam and Dave Heine so they know you are interested. There are lots of jobs available. Regatta HQ is at Dock #1 at Brunswick Landing Marina. See you there!

 WELCOME REAR COMMODORE  CHRISTOPHER HOOKS   We are happy to announce that Christopher has joined the GISC leadership team and is your new Rear Commodore. Welcome aboard.

DOLPHIN TOUR / SUNSET CRUISE and Club Meeting on September 7th at 6PM. We will see dolphins, pelicans and a beautiful sunset while naturalist Jamie Sanders guides us and tells us all about the nature we are seeing as we tour. You will also enjoy Captain Adam Sanders who is as funny as a stand-up comedian. Enjoying club supplied beer, wine and foods easily eaten while underway (not soup). We will have a short meeting too. Click on the EVENT CALENDAR tab on the Home Page for directions and more info.

FALL IS HERE, FAST IS HERE RACE  (Summer's gone and the winds are up.) Club Series Race,# 5 on 9/29/19. Skippers' meeting at 1000 at Brunswick Landing Marina, Dock 2. There will be multiple race classes so any boat can participate. Racing will begin at 1200, usually from St. Simons Sound marker 20A. Courses will be set at the skippers' meeting.

 CHILI FESTThis is the annual chili cook off . Bring your appetite and a salad, dessert or starch. If you want to join in on the competition make some of your famous chili and see if yours is the one best liked. Beer and wine are provided. The event will be held October 5th at 7:00 PM at the Club House on-the-lake at Fox Run. Click on the Event tab for directions.

COLUMBUS DAY RACE -In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue... but you can sail it today and discover the feeling of winning the race. Club Series Race, Day 6 on 10/13. Skippers' meeting at 1000 at Brunswick Landing Marina, Dock 2. There will be multiple race classes so any boat can participate. Racing will begin at 1200, usually from St. Simons Sound marker 20A. Courses will be set at the skippers' meeting

THE END OF DAYLIGHT RACE  (OK, the sun will come up again, but it's the end of Daylight Savings Time) Club Series Race, Day 7 on 11/3/19. Skippers' meeting at 1000 at Brunswick Landing Marina, Dock # 2. There will be multiple race classes so any boat can participate. Racing will begin at 1200, usually from St. Simons Sound marker 20A. Courses will be set at the skippers' meeting.

CoolGISC ADULT SAILING Cooland fundraiser for the Golden Isles Community Sailing Center (GICSC) Here is your chance to get out and sail. The GISC wants to get YOU ON THE WATER on the Club 420 sailboats raced by our own high school sailing teams.  There will be high school sailors there to help rig boats, and sail with you if you are a novice or just want company. Just have a good time, and a fun sailing experience. Sailing begins on 11/9/19 at 1200 at Dock #1 at Brunswick Landing Marina.

DINNER / MEETING 11/9/19. Look for an eVite to sign up. The location of the meeting will be at the back room at Olive Garden Restaurant in the Lowes and Target shopping center at 7:00PM. The Olive Garden - where they serve fine Italian dishes, wine and cold beer. Featured Speaker will be TBA  . 

 GISC Christmas Party . The GISC Christmas party on Saturday, December 7th at 7:00. The dinner wil be held at Dave and Pam's home.  See the Event tab for full details. Please RSVP.

The Cork and Cap Fest @ Hop Soul Brewery  was a new club event that introduced the club to the recently opened HOP SOUL BREWERY.  We had a brief meeting and enjoyed the food, beer and conversation.

CLUB VOTES TO PAY FOR SAFETY BOAT for the youth sailing programs. A new/used 13' Boston Whaler was acquired for use as a safety boat during the high school and youth sailing programs.  This boat will replace one of our aging boats.

 CoolGISC ADULT REGATTA Cool We had a great time sailing around the East River in the high school's Club 420's.  It was an opportunity for those without boats to get out and sail.  Or if you wanted to learn to sail this was ga great time too.  If you missed this time, look forward to another chance in November!

The annual 4th of July Party held on dock #2 at Brunswick Landing Marina was another success! Members, 35 strong, came and enjoyed the food, conversation, comeradre and wonderful fireworks. 

COASTAL CUP OFFSHORE RACE Annual Race from Amelia Island to St. Simons Island    This offshore race pits the GISC against the Amelia Island Sailing Club.  GISC boats were in the race but the Amelia club overpowered us with a huge fleet of boats. We didn't do as well as hoped.  Next year!

NEW - Membership Raffle: Sometimes we forget that not everyone knows about the GISC. So this year we are going to try something new. For every new member who joins the GISC as a result of your recommendation, your name will be put into “The Hat” for a drawing to be held at the 2017 Christmas Party. The Grand Prize: One year’s all-expense paid membership to the world famous, Golden Isles Sailing Club!

"BEER-CAN RACES" There is an effort getting some groundswell to have Wednesday night beer-can races. The sea breeze will have kicked in and we can have some fun racing every week.  If you are interested let Dave Heine or Jim DeLong know.

Many of our  Club Meetings this year are planned to be held during club events. So, when you come to one of our parties, cruises or special events you'll be able to participate in a club meeting. Click on the Event Calendar tab above to see all the events.

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PHOTO UPLOAD GLITCH- The program used to upload photos to the website has crashed and a fix is being worked on. In the mean time hold onto your photos for future upload. Sorry for the  inconvenience. You can upload photos via eVite for use in our elites to various events.

TELL US WHAT YOU'VE GOT by uploading a photo of your boat. Go to the Members tab to see the NEW upload function. We all want to see your boat. And, take a look at the rest of our fleet while you are at it.

VOLUNTEER HELP WANTED: GOLDEN ISLES COMMUNITY SAILING CENTER will host more youth sailing during the summer. Classes are held on weekdays. If you are available please help out on the dock or on a motorboat. Classes are on Dock #1 at Brunswick Landing Marina. Contact Pam Heine or Riley Power for more info.

Take The Quiz - Rules quiz that is. The home page now has sections on the Racing Rules and the Navigation Rules. Read, learn and check your knowledge by trying the quizes. Take the quiz as many times as you want until you get it right.

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Fair Winds and Following Sea